Educational Programs

Continuing education programs are carried out through the system of short and long term teaching modules covering current arts management issues, seminars, conferences, and supplementary education activities.The city’s activities in the important area of youth artistic education are intended to maximize the efficiency of the educational process, to create favorable conditions for the development of artistic abilities of children and youth, and to prepare the talented high school graduates for higher education in culture and the arts.

Every year hundreds of students from the arts schools and colleges successfully participate in artistic festivals and competitions in St. Petersburg, in other regions of Russia, and abroad.
On Teacher’s Day the best teachers are awarded “The Honorable Sign of the Governor for the betterment of St. Petersburg’s schools.”

The system of continuing education in the cultural sphere provides opportunities for a constant improvement of cultural workers’ qualifications and professional skills, and supplies the demands of cultural institutions for expert managers.

International programs on arts management enable organizers of cultural events to share international experiences and to develop cooperation with colleagues from different countries.