St. Petersburg’s culture

St. Petersburg’s culture plays an important role in the development of the city. It is one of the major factors contributing to social unity and harmonious relationships among people of different nationalities and religions. Culture and the arts promote the spiritual and creative development of individuals and the society as a whole.
The sphere of culture and the arts also makes an impact on the economic revival of the city by creating jobs, attracting investments, and developing new sectors such as cultural tourism and creative industries.
St. Petersburg is a cultural center of international significance, which houses within its borders 5,830 monuments to culture. In the city resides a powerful network of cultural institutions: museums, theaters, libraries, exhibition and concert halls.

Thanks to the Hermitage, Russian Museum, Mariinsky Theater, Russian National Library, Peter and Paul Fortress, Maly Drama Theater, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg is rated among the world’s ten cities most worth visiting. The historical center of St. Petersburg is included in the UNESCO List of the World Heritage.

Culture and arts are strategic resources, which promote the development of St. Petersburg as a multifunctional city of European life standards, integrated both in national and international economics.
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