“SPIFF - 2020” St. Petersburg International Film Festival
“SPIFF - 2020” St. Petersburg International Film Festival

“SPIFF” has been held in St. Petersburg since 2017 and is the only Russian film festival that is included in the TOP-100 of the best film screenings in the world. The festival accepts short films and animations, music and dance videos, regardless of the status of the film: professional, student or amateur. In 2020, 911 films from 75 countries were announced. The program includes 20 films from Russia, the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Egypt, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, Romania, the Czech Republic and Serbia with Israel. St. Petersburg viewers will see many films for the first time.

  • Hosted by:
    Organizing Committee (https://spiffestival.com)
  • From:
    14 February 2020
  • Till:
    16 February 2020
  • address
    “Peterburg-Kino”, “Rodina” Cinema Center
  • Website: