"PIPES OF VICTORY. 1945" Music-Historical Internet Festival
"PIPES OF VICTORY. 1945" Music-Historical Internet Festival

The cycle of lectures and concerts is dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War, the exploits of the Soviet army and people in difficult times of war. The main goal of the organizers is to make this project interesting for young people and to activate the attention of the younger generation to the history of their country. Lectures by the famous Russian military historian, participant of the military-historical movement "Russian Military-Historical Society" Boris Kipnis will be accompanied by performances by the best brass bands of St. Petersburg.


  • Hosted by:
    Organizing Committee (617-00-90)
  • From:
    27 October 2020
  • Till:
    26 November 2020
  • address
    broadcasts of concerts on the website: https://myhistorypark.ru
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