May 11, 12, 14, 2017. “MOZART. THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO”. Premiere in the Mikhailovsky Theater

Premiere “Mozart. The Marriage of Figaro”
Opera in four acts itperformed in Italian (with Russian surtitles)
Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozar.

Vyacheslav Starodubtsev’s Mozart. The Marriage of Figaro is brimming with oriental motifs, which are reflected too in the acting style. Working on one of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s most important operas, the director has taken inspiration from the chinoiserie aesthetic that was so fashionable in European art of the late 18th century. This is a sophisticated offshoot of rococo style, drawing on the artistic traditions of Medieval China. Porcelain, coloured silks, sliding screens, and elegant tea houses tucked away in the depths of the garden were adopted as part of the European aristocratic lifestyle. Director Vyacheslav Starodubtsev makes no secret of the fact that visual content is just as critical for an opera director as the music. Along with production designers Zhanna Usacheva and Pyotr Okunev, he has decided to set the opera in a stately home, where oriental fashion not only has a bearing on the interior design, but also on the way of life.


Libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte after the play by Pierre Beaumarchais La folle journée, ou le Mariage de Figaro

Musical Director of the production: Mikhail Tatarnikov
Stage Director: Vyacheslav Starodubtsev
Stage Designer: Pyotr Okunev
Costume Designer: Zhanna Usachova
Lighting Designer: Sergey Skornetsky
Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Chorus: Vladimir Stolpovskikh
Video: Vadim Dulenko
Choreography: Artur Oshchepkov