February 18 - March 30, 2017. St. Petersburg Russian Ballet Theater is going to perform a premiere of "DON QUIXOTE" ballet in the Hermitage Theater

St. Petersburg Russian Ballet Theater is going to perform a premiere of "Don Quixote" ballet.

"Don Quixote" is a ballet based on the immortal novel of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha”. Its premiere took place in 1869 in Bolshoi theater in Moscow. Great Russian choreographer Marius Petipa and prominent ballet composer Ludwig Minkus created such a masterpiece.

"Don Quixote" is a bright, colorful, emotional ballet, full of brilliant choreographic decisions. Its sparkling music pleases the ear. M. Petipa masterfully embodied the joy of life in a dynamic, fiery dances.

The ballet got a long stage life, and has gone through several revisions - in 1871 Petipa moved it to St. Petersburg, in 1887 a new version was created in Moscow by A. Bogdanov. However, the crucial role in the fate of the production played the work of Alexander Gorsky staged at the Mariinsky Theater in 1902. Gorsky refreshed vintage ballet, added new elements, but he carefully preserved choreographic discoveries that were made by Petipa and music by Minkus.

St.Petersburg Theater "Russian Ballet" presents "Don Quixote" in the original version of the choreography by Gorsky-Petipa. This edition is one of the five most famous and popular ballets of the world classics and remains one of the most favorite performances of the ballet admirers, giving the audience vivid emotions and festive mood. Not every theater can boast of "Don Quixote" in their repertoire. The abundance of beautiful scenery and colorful costumes on the stage demonstrates a unique national character, atmosphere and mood of a hot Spanish south. The ballet is complicated in staging because of choreography, solo dances combining refined virtuos technique and expressive actor's play – only outstanding soloists of ballet can perform this.

"Don Quixote" at the Theater "Russian Ballet" is being put on stage by the artistic director of the theater - choreographer Alexander Manoshkin (former artist of the Mariinsky (Kirov) Theater), teacher-tutor Olga Shihanova and the soloist of the Mariinsky Theater Sergey Kononenko.

Leading roles are performed by Anna Voitina, Alexander Voytin, Natalia Potekhina, Olga Rudakova, Natalia Safonova.

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