15 June, 2017. "TRACK 3" Perfomance on the stage "BUFF" St. Petersburg State Musical Drama Theater

 Buff Theater, St. Petersburg
A performance by Theater Movement Bazaar from USA
June 15th, 2017
A new perspective on Chekhov’s Three Sisters
Theater Movement Bazaar investigates Chekhov’s famous play, Three Sisters. In this new work, the characters are stranded, waiting and wanting something outside of themselves to give them happiness. They are on the modern hero’s journey, not to Moscow, as they hoped, but a journey within. Movement, dance, song and humor derail the play from its Victorian origins and set the itinerary for a twenty-first century existential extravaganza.
Theater Movement Bazaar is a theatre dedicated to creating original performance works with an emphasis on physical action, and TRACK 3 is a continuation of their unique approach to deconstructing literary classics.
It will be the first visit to Russia of Los Angeles’ Theater Movement Bazaar. After visiting St. Petersburg the theatre will show its extraordinary performance in Chekhov’s Festival in Moscow.
St. Petersburg Musical Drama Theater Buff
26 Zanevky Prospect, St. Petersburg, Russia