July 29, 2017. International Tiger Day Celebration at the Zoo

The International Tiger Day Celebration will be held at the Zoo on July 29th! An extensive programme devoted to these magnificent and rare predators – the Amur tigers – has been prepared for the Zoo visitors. Everyone will have fun!

The Programme:

The area near the Tiger enclosure (if it rains, the programme will take place in the Exotarium (ground floor) and the Primate Pavillion):

12:00 – 16:00 – Master class “Stripes and Whickers” for the youngest ones
Young visitors can become tigers – they will make colourful tiger masks.

12:00 – 16:00 - Quest «Pantera tigris» (the handout finishes at 15:30)
At Leningrad Zoo, there is only one tiger subspecies – the Amur tiger. However, this will not stop our visitors from learning about some curious facts about the lives of other tiger subspecies. Following a road map full of exciting mysteries and riddles, you will set out on an interesting Zoo journey of discovery.

12:00 – 16:00 – Relay race «Tiger records»
Most active and fit visitors are invited to our playground! Here you will have a chance to beat tiger records! Are your strides as wide and the flight as fast?  Perhaps you can jump higher than the tiger? Join us, show your strengths, and learn some curious facts about the life of the tiger.

13:00 – 15:00 – Face painting
In celebration of the International Tiger Day, the Zoo paints tiger faces on all little visitors for free!

13:30 – 16:00 – Educational programme «Amba, the taiga’s host»
He has many names – Amur, Siberian, Ussurijsky – but the native peoples of the Far East name him Amba – ‘The Great’. During our educational programme, you will learn about the life of the biggest cat on the planet and about the trace this animal has left in the culture of different nations.

14:00 – A lecture with the demonstration of tame animals
We welcome you to meet the animals from our ‘Contact animals’ group and listen to some fascinating stories of their lives as well as of their wild counterparts.
In addition, on this day there will be traditional feeding presentations and animal walks:

Animal walks (on the Pathfinder track. Animal walks will be canceled if it rains!):
13:30 – walk with a hedgehog
14:00 – walk with a tawny owl
14:30 – walk with a ferret
15:00 – walk with a rabbit

Feeding presentations:
15:00 – Cormorants and pelicans
15:00 – Big cats
15:30 – Camels
16:00 – Amur tigers
16:00 – Wolf
Please note that the Zoo Administration reserves the right to change the Programme.

For more information, please call 232-31-45

The Zoo admission costs will not change on this day. There will be no extra charge for the participation in the event.

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