October 1 - 31, 2017. “EARLYMUSIC” 20th International Festival

St. Petersburg International Earlymusic Festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017. The first, the biggest and the most influential early music festival in Russia connects Russian audience with the most high-rated Western HIP soloists, ensembles, orchestras and theatre-projects. It unveils forgotten Russian music and theatre treasures of 17-18th centuries, conducts long-term work on local musicians’ education and training. The festival focuses not only on wide-view of early music scene, but also on traditional music from different regions, epochs and civilizations.

A group of enthusiasts including Andrey Reshetin, the violinist of the baroque ensemble “Musica Petropolitana”, Mrs. Elizabeth White (former director of St. Petersburg British Council) and theatre producer Mark de Mauny founded St. Petersburg IEMF in 1998. In 20 years, they changed music world in the whole country, making HIP a peer part of the Russian concert industry. 

XX St. Petersburg IEMF invites its’ best friends from the West. British counter-tenor Michael Chance, the triumphant of the very first Festival, will give a jubilee concert with soprano Deborah York and baroque harpist Andrew Lawrence-King in Kapella concert hall, 23 October, 7 PM.

Pedro Memelsdorff and ensemble Mala Punica will make a Russian premiere of the program “MISSA CANTILENA: Liturgical travestimenti in late-medieval Italy (1380-1410)” in the Small Philharmonic Hall, 6 October, 7 PM.

Paolo Pandolfo (viola da gamba) is giving a Bach-recital in Derzhavin Museum, 21 October, 7 PM.

The Festival will start 1 October in the Hermitage Theatre with world premiere of its’ own project – (re)construction of the first Russian baroque ballet. The project director and choreographer Klaus Abromeit and St. Petersburg dance company “Angiolini Baroque Ballet” will put on stage the dance suite “Golovinmusiken” of Swedish composer Johan Helmich Roman, written in 1728 for the future coronation of Russian emperor Piotr II. The period choreography on new allegoric libretto “The Union of Wind and Sea” will be accompanied by ensemble “Soloists of Catherine the Great”, directed by Andrey Reshetin. Costumes – St. Petersburg designer Lilia Kisselenko.

XX St. Petersburg Earlymusic Festival will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its’ closest colleagues – the Early and Contemporary Music Performance Department of Moscow Conservatoire. Famous founders, tutors and pupils of the only Russian official education Centre for early music will give a concert on 21 October in Derzhavin Museum.
300th anniversary of one of the most powerful Russian poets of 18th c. Alexander Sumarokov will be a key subject for unique combination of baroque music and poetry in period performance in the Russian Literature Institute (Pushkin House), 22 October.

The festival will close on 31th of October in Yaani Kirik by Russian premiere of young French baroque ensemble “Nevermind”. The quartet will perform music from their first album «Conversations», released in 2016 (label Alpha / Outhere): Jean-Baptiste Quentin and Louis-Gabriel Guillemain.

The full festival program is wider than that. It includes some more concert performances, memorial events and two scientific conferences. Details – www.earlymusic.ru