October 28, 29, 2017. "TWELVE MONTHS". Premier of the Musical theater "KARAMBOL"

"Twelve Months"
The St. Petersburg state "Musical theater "Karambol"

Tale "12 Months" was written by Czech storyteller Bozhena Nemtsova. A lot of our writers and playwrights addressed to this amazing story, thinking about new versions of the tale. One of the most famous was made by Samuil Yakovlevich Marshak. There are many other opinions of this tale.

Theater "Karambol" suggests it is own view of «12 Months». Here you will meet with well-known characters – stepmother, her daughter and stepdaughter, whimsical princess, and, of course, with Twelve Months.

The performance will remind how wise and beautiful is our Nature which is on side of the one who respects her laws and is kind in soul and heart.
Composer – Irina Brondz
Play – Lev Yakovlev
Poetry – Nikolay Gol
Production director – Anton Okoneshnikov
Choreography – Edvald Smirnov
Scenography and suits – Elena Zhukova
Actors, orchestra and pupils of children’s studio of musical theater "Karambol" participate in the performance.