November 24, 25, December 2, 3, 2017. "MARY POPPINS IS WITH US" Premiere in the “Music Hall” Theater

Mary Poppins is the most famous fairy-tale nanny in the world! This strict enchantress is one of the most popular characters of the English literature of 20th century. In our country Mary Poppins as a character won nationwide love thanks to the film “Mary Poppins, good-bye!”, featuring amazing songs by M. Dunaevsky.

If your kids still aren’t familiar with songs about “33 Cows and a Glass of Fresh Milk” and “Lady Perfect”, then they will be able to hear them live in the new musical of the "Music Hall" Theater.

A respectable English family of the Banks with two children needs a new governess. The previous governesses had left, because it was very difficult to work with spoilt Jane and Michael Banks. And suddenly a young resolute woman appears on the doorstep, with a carpetbag and an umbrella in her hands. It is she who is going to become the keeper of the Banks children’s secrets. The plot about an enchantress who can sew buttons with her look, slide up the banisters, and turn a cold medicine into a real treat, will shine anew at the "Music Hall" Theater..

This play is not just entertainment, but also a philosophic work about children’s world and mind. Child viewers will get a real pleasure from watching it. Because the play, like an old friend, will tell the young generation about innermost secrets hidden in the soul of a child. Adult viewers will recall their early years and involuntarily envy the children who’ve got a governess who can feel their souls so deeply. The musical is meant to teach us that as we become adults we shouldn’t forget about our youthful urges and desires, that we should remain somewhat a child in our hearts, then in the adult life a real miracle can happen!

To completely submerge the audience into the English fairy-tale, the play uses the newest 3D technologies in creating the stage design. Elegant and stylish English costumes, interactive elements, impressive tricks, flights of the protagonist, mixture of fairy-tale and reality – you will see all of this on the Big Stage of the Music Hall Theatre as soon as in November! 

Songs loved by many people, created by a people’s artist of Russia Maxim Dunaevsky, will be performed in the musical. These tunes have become real classics of the national cinematography. “33 Cows”, “Lady Perfect” and most popular “Wind of Change” – the audience will surely will sing to these and many other songs. Stage director of the performance is young talented director Vasily Zarzhetsky, who works at the Music Hall and Zazerkalie theatres. Julia Goltsova, the art director, known for her work on the “Dangerous Liaisons” play and performances of the St. Petersburg International Festival «All Together Opera», will be responsible for creating prosperous and respectable world of the English capital.

The musical play “Mary Poppins” is the masterpiece of the children’s music theater, which is still relevant nowadays, because bringing up happy children who will eventually grow into fully-fledged bright persons is the most important task of all times.