December 23, 2017 - January 28, 2018. "THE KINGDOM OF MAGIC MIRRORS" show in the Bolshoi St. Petersburg State Circus

The Bolshoi St. Petersburg circus invites You to plunge into the Christmas fairy tale "The Kingdom of magic mirrors" along with the best circus artists of the world, from Germany, Italy, Ireland, Poland and other countries. 

Since there is an unusual country in which amazing things happen. The country on behalf of the Circus. There is always a lot of joy, fun and smiles of children, the party atmosphere never leaves this place. Aerialists perform incredible pirouettes under the big top, the clowns cheer even the saddest viewers, animals understand the words of the trainer, and the kind magicians surprise you with his tricks. 

Rules the realm of delight and happiness the Circus Princess is a kind, sincere and cheerful. The Circus Princess is a real Charmer, as she performs amazing stunts that are subservient only to her. But once in the Circus happens: the Evil Queen, lady of the neighboring Kingdom of crooked Mirrors, envied the Princess of the Circus and decided to spoil the New year and took her to his castle. 

True friends Princess Circus performers along with the audience will embark on an exciting and magical journey to bring her home. On the way to the Queen's Castle they will meet incredible artists: acrobats on teeter boards, trained horses and camels, illusionists and magicians, fairy-tale characters and giant elephants. 

History will end with the feast that will come Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.