February 17 - May 27, 2018. Exhibition “LIU BOLIN: THE INVISIBLE MAN” at “ERARTA” Contemporary Art Museum

An exceptional new exhibition will be opening at Erarta Museum by a series of remarkable events. An exhibition of works by the world-renowned “Invisible Man” Liu Bolin will open to the public.

The artist’s oeuvre is a combination of artistic genres and techniques encompassing sculpture, performance art and photography, whilst it also simultaneously addresses important issues in today’s society as well as the various political controversies in China and world-wide.

At first glance, the photographs seem to be merely of an unusual landscape, sometimes easily unidentifiable, sometimes not. However, upon closer inspection an outline of a man appears, standing within the setting. This figure is unnerving and begs the questions - what is he doing there? What is the symbolism of this character and what is his purpose of blending himself into the background? This figure is of course the artist himself. The contemporary political climate being what it was, certain forms of protests were and still are simply prohibited, and thus the artist came up with the ingenious methodology that he still practices till this day.