February 23 - May 06, 2018. “DESIRE OF FLIGHT” jubilee program dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the Bolshoi St. Petersburg State Circus

In December 2017 marked 140 years since the first Russian stationary circus - The Bolshoi Saint-Petersburg State Circus was founded. Today Circus Ciniselli is one of the most popular symbols of Saint-Petersburg, the favorite place for a lot of tourists and residents of the city. 

The Bolshoi Saint-Petersburg State Circus will celebrate its 140th anniversary with a new amazing program “Desire of flight”, where collected the best circus performers in a one place.

The central idea of this performance is to show for the audience a wonderful and magic world of circus, where all your dreams are real. People get the wings here and can twirl around the big top without any safety net; animals and trainers can speak with one language.

The high point of the show is the performance of aerial gymnasts on straps: Katerina Abakarova and Valeriy Sichev, the winners of many prestigious circus festivals around the world. The keytone of the performance, full of many dangerous and very complicated stunts, is love and passion, sensuality and tenderness.

Also in the new show you can see the members of one of the oldest circus dynasties - the Gärtners (brothers) with a thrilling attraction "Elephant and Children", where trainers’ children train elephants with their parents.

The show “Desire of flight” is full of brilliant attractions with trained camels, monkeys, parrots and dogs, also here you can see a lot of complicated acrobatic performances.

Clowns Sergei Kolganov and Oleg Belogorlov will share unforgettable emotions to all viewers.

Site: circus.spb.ru/en/