May 25 - September 23, 2018. "SALVADOR DALI: SCULPTURES" exhibition at the “ERARTA” Contemporary Art Museum

Erarta Museum presents a collection of bronze sculpturesSalvador Dalí.

Erarta Museum proudly presents a sculptural show of the most famous Surrealist artist - Salvador Dalí. Aside from painting, Dalí was an interdisciplinary artist in every way, widely recognised as a writer, illustrator, jewellery designer, film maker and sculptor, and the aim of this exhibition is to delve into and explore the latter. 

Very well-known for his drawings and paintings, a major focus of Dalí’s overall oeuvre was the creation of a collection of bronze sculptures.

Limited by what he saw as the boundaries of two-dimensional canvas, Dalí turned to sculpture in order to manifest his Surrealist visions and artistic forms in space. Dalí himself created the original maquettes and designs to be cast in bronze during his lifetime, to be cast in bronze. All the sculptures were cast at famous international foundries in Europe and using the ‘lost wax method’. This method, also known as cire-perdue involves a pouring of molten metal into a mould that has been created by means of a wax model and once the mould is made, the wax model is melted and drained away. 

This exhibition is a part of the Dalí Collection, which has been assembled by Beniamino Levi, President of the Dali Universe, an avid art collector and Salvador Dalí expert. The monumental sculptures on display at Erarta Museum have been shown across the globe from Place Vendôme in Paris (1995), Piazza dell’Accademia in Florence (2013), Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills (2016) and Time Warner Center in New York (2010-2011).