November 19, 2018 – January 15, 2019. Photographic exhibition “MUSES’ CITY” in the St. Petersburg State Theater Library

Работы Александра Китаева  стали для нескольких поколений горожан символом Петербургской школы фотографии, образцом классической светописи.

Alexander Kitayev creative works are the sample of Petersburg classical school of photography for several generations of city residents. The exposition "Muses’ city" presents unique artistic portraits of Petersburg ballet stars (Ulyana Lopatkina, Diana Vishneva, Irma Nioradze and others) from the collection of St. Petersburg State Theater Library, which are added by soft and poetical landscapes of Petersburg Kitayev series "The unintentional scenery lines", kindly given by the author. The unrepeatable cultural aura of northern capital has been inspiring the ballet stars and master of photography for years.

All works represented are created at the end of 20th century and done in the manner of classical black-white photography.