March 14 – April 22, 2019. “SERGEY BARKOVSKY. CREATIVE WORK PORTRAIT”. Exhibition in the St. Petersburg State Theater Library

St. Petersburg State Theater Library invites to visit an exhibition «Sergey Barkovsky. Creative work portrait», dedicated to Deserved artist of Russian Federation and famous theater and cinema actor.

The exposition mainly presents works of well-known theater photographer Julia Kudryashova. Owing to her mastership we can dive into the splendid world of theater images, created by the artist. The exhibition mainly shows not only works of the actor in the St. Petersburg Youth Theater on the Fontanka, but in other Petersburg theaters: “Russian antrepriza” named after A. Mironov, Pushkin State Theater Center and many others.

Additional features to the portrait of Sergey Barkovsky are Julia Kudryashova photos, made beyond the theatre space.