April 29 – May 30, 2019. “GOGOL ON THE RUSSIAN STAGE”. Exhibition in the St. Petersburg Theater Library

St. Petersburg Theater Library presents an exhibition “Gogol on the Russian stage” dedicated to 210th anniversary of writer birth. The exhibition consists of two parts: printed editions and depictive materials.

The first part presents volumes of Gogol works from the private collections of Emperor  theaters artists: Nicolay Hodotov, Mariya Savina and others. Theater directors and prompters copies of the plays first staged during Gogol life – “Inspector” (1836), scenes from “Dead souls” (1842), “Marriage” (1842), “Gamblers” (1843) are also represented at the exhibition. Plays with notes and drawings are shown with portraits of actors who firstly played in Gogol works together with playbills and periodic notices of 1830-1840 Librettos of Gogol plays staged in musical theatres, for instance N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov opera «Night before Christmas» (1895) libretto, costumes and sceneries are demonstrated too.

The second part of the exhibition presents sketches of theater artists kept in the Library. Costume and scenery drawings of Gogol staging in 19th – 20nd centuries recreate the atmosphere of that time. The drawings exhibited, date mostly to 20nd century including sketches of N. M. Rabinovitch, D. F. Popov, I. F. Kitaev and other artists.

The comedy “Inspector” did not lose its meaning during the time. Owing to preparatory materials the Library possesses, one can see five variants of famous play. Visitors have an opportunity to see sketches of P. M. Yunoshina to D. D. Shostakovich opera “Nose”, sketches of M. F. Kitaeva to play “Сhichikov adventures” and E. Yu. Orlova sketches to the tale “Night before Christmas”.

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