September 3 – 30, 2019. “OLGA & FEMISTOKL ATMADZAS”. Exhibition in the St. Petersburg Theater Library

St. Petersburg Theater Library presents an exhibition of theatrical sketches of artists Olga and Femistokl Atmadzas.

Olga and Femistokl – graduates of the St. Peterburg Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin at the Russian Academy of Arts (Theater and decoration department, workshop of the national artist of Russia Eduard Kochergin).

Currently collaboration with the Norilsk Arctic Drama Theater. Together, the artists designed about 40 perfomances.

Artists worked with directors Alexander Isakov, Egor Chernyshov, Anna Babanova, Timur Fayruzov, Anton Bezyazykov, Peter Shereshevsky, Nikolay Russian, Andrei Goncharov, George Tsnobiladze, Girts Etzis, Andreas Merz-Raikov.

The exhibition presents theatrical works of artists of different years.