October 9 – November 23, 2019. “Emil Kapelyush. The artist space”. Exhibition in St. Petersburg State Theater Library

St. Petersburg presents an exhibition of theater sketches, made by a stage designer Emil Kapelyush.

As a stage designer  Kapelyush created more than 300 performances in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Europe, the USA, China and South Korea. His first performance after A. N. Sokolova play “Faryat’ev fantasies” was staged in Novgorod drama theatre in 1975. 2020 – is 45th anniversary of Kapelyush creative work.

The exhibition presents the artist’s sketches from St. Petersburg state theater library collection. Among the demonstrated items – sketches to the “King Ubyu” shows staged in Moscow “Et Cetera” theater in 2001, “Ornithology” staged in the Alexander Pushkin Russian State Academic Theater of Drama (Alexandrinsky) in 1999, “Pro Turandot” staged in the “Prijut Komedianta” Drama Theater in 2003 and others.

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