November 20 – 25.12.2019. An exhibition “WAYS OF WONDERS. ARTISTIC WORLDS OF ANNA AND IGOR IGNAT’EVS” in the St. Petersburg State Theater Library

St. Petersburg State Theater Library presents an exhibition “Ways of wonders. Artistic worlds of Anna and Igor Ignat’evs”. This exhibition is dedicated to 75th anniversary of Leningrad/Saint-Petersburg “Puppet Theater of the Fairy Tale” and its masters: artistic director, Honoured Art worker of Russian Federation Igor Vsevolodovitch Ignat’ev and Anna Dmitrievna Ignat’eva, stage designer, Honoured Art worker of Russian Federation. They served in the Theater for more than 30 years.

The exposition shows photos, puppets, costumes, properties, sketches to the popular shows: I. Ignat’ev adaptation to the stage E. T. A. Hoffmann’s tale “Nutcracker and King of mice” (2000) (Zolotoy Sophit, Zolotaya maska, State awards) I. Ignat’ev play “The adventures of luckless dragon” (2003) after I. Perzhinova tale (Zolotoy Sophit, Zolotaya Maska awards).