January 27 – February 25, 2020. “IN THE LIGHT GENRE”. Exhibition in the St. Petersburg State Theater Library

St. Petersburg State Theater Library presents an exhibition of sketches made by theater artist Natalia Zyuz’kevich.

“The light genre” is known to be very difficult as it requires delicate taste and ability to balance on the edge of tempting avoiding common place. Amazing theatre artist Natalia Iosifovna Zyuz’kevich fully possesses this gift. Costumes made after her sketches are beautiful, elegant and moreover comfortable for the artists. It is because of this reason many variety artists, figure skaters and ballet dancers love them. Sparkling shows of legendary Leningrad Music Hall belong to the past but the vivid and charming sketches of Natalia Zyuz’kevich produce the atmosphere of a real feast at the present.

The exhibition “In the light genre” will present sketches of the costumes from Theater library collection for various shows.

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