September 24 – November 6, 2021. “KEEPING AND MULTIPLYING COLLECTIONS”. An exhibition in St. Petersburg State Theater Library

St. Petersburg State Theater Library is known in the world as the richest repositary of materials about the theater.

The unique fund of the library starts in the middle of 18th century and includes a number of rare and precious collections. The jubilee exhibition which is timed to 265th Library anniversary presents acquisitions for the last 10 years – sketches and archive materials.

Visitors will see the works of theatre artists Z. P. Arshakuni, T. G. Bruni, E. S. Kochergin, E. Y. Orlova and many others. There will be an opportunity to get acquainted with personal archive of the largest figure of Russian theatre pedagogy N. V. Demidov, actor, director, student of K. S. Stanislavskiy and author of his own theatre system and archives of his students actor O. G. Okulevitch and theatre critic M. N. Laskina; archive of art critic A. A. Bartoshevitch with the names of those who worked in the Theater library during the Blockade, archive of  cultural researcher T. B. Zaboslaeva, archive of People’s artist of Russian Federation, artist of G. A. Tovstonogov drama theater S. N. Kryuchkova, archive of T. V. Abrosimova, People’s artist of Russian Federation and  artist of V. F. Komissarzhevskaya Saint-Petersburg academic drama theatre and archive of M. P. Troyansky, theatre director, art critic, participant of Great Patriotic War and the director of Theater library in 1950–1954.